Game Show Memories – The Countdown Top 50 (Part 4).

More excitement (possibly) as positions 20-11 are revealed of most appearances in Dictionary Corner…

=19th: Ned Sherrin (87 appearances, 1983-2000) Ned was someone who had a rather varied career. He was a satirist, who contributed to That Was The Week That Was. He was also the host of long-running radio series Counterpoint and Loose Ends. And he was an author as well.

=19th: Rick Wakeman (87 appearances, 1997-2008) Rick is a musician, who is best-known for being a member of the group Yes. He can play ten keyboards at the same time apparently. And he is also someone who insisted he won’t appear again, still bitter about how Carol Vorderman’s departure was handled.

18th: Gloria Hunniford (88 appearances, 1998-2021) Gloria is a TV and radio host. Her TV work includes hosting chat shows, and she also had a rather long association with BBC Radio 2. Her daughter was a successful TV host too.

17th: Ken Bruce (89 appearances, 1986-2013) Ken has had a rather long career in radio. He joined BBC Radio 2 in the 80s, and he briefly hosted the Breakfast Show, before moving to the mid-morning slot, where he has remained ever since. His what always has to be called a “Celtic twang” has been enjoyed by listeners for many years. He also hosts PopMaster, and is the radio commentator on the Eurovision Song Contest.

16th: Jon Culshaw (98 appearances, 2011-2022) Jon is a comedian who is best-known for being an impressionist. He was a regular on the radio and TV versions of Dead Ringers, before going on to other comedy shows where he has shown off his range of voices. He also likes to do prank phone calls, usually as the voice of Tom Baker’s Doctor Who to tell them that there is about to be an alien invasion or something.

15th: Keith Barron (99 appearances, 1999-2008) Keith was an actor who appeared in lots of TV shows throughout his long career. Among the most popular was the 80s sitcom Duty Free.

14th: Jo Brand (100 appearances, 1998-2022) Jo first became known as the comedian who had something of a deadpan style, and took no nonsense from anyone. Some were surprised when Jo was revealed to be a fan of this show, but she has appeared regularly, and she also took part as a contestant in the first celebrity series, and the 18th anniversary special.

13th: Tim Rice (115 appearances, 1989-2020) Tim is best-known as a songwriter and composer, being behind several successful musicals and films. He has even won an Oscar. But best of all, he was on the team that put together the early editions of The Guinness Book Of British Hit Singles, how terrific.

12th: Bill Tidy (116 appearances, 1985-1993) Bill is a cartoonist, and some of his strips have appeared in magazines including Private Eye, and newspapers including the Daily Mirror. He often used to whip his pen out and draw a quick picture, and then reveal what the joke was, which was always enjoyable. He was also among the contestants in a special game for the 500th edition.

11th: Tom O’Connor (121 appearances, 1996-2008) Tom started out as a teacher, before becoming famous as a comedian. He used to tell stories in a rather easy-going style that steered clear of vulgarity. He also hosted a few game shows, including Name That Tune and Cross Wits.

The Top Ten is coming soon…


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