Game Show Memories – The Countdown Top 50 (Part 2).

On we go with positions 40-31 of the people with the most appearances in Dictionary Corner…

=39th: Jenny Hanley (43 appearances, 1992-1996) Jenny was a host of CITV show Magpie. Her parents Jimmy Hanley and Dinah Sheridan were famous too.

=39th: John Junkin (43 appearances, 1984-1987) John was a comedy writer and actor. He also hosted the 80s game show Ask No Questions, where his co-host happened to be Carol Vorderman.

=37th: Jenny Eclair (45 appearances, 2012-2021) Jenny is a comedian who is a self-confessed grumpy old woman. She once did an advert about salt. She was also the stand-in host for four editions in Series 86.

=37th: Martin Lewis (45 appearances, 2009-2019) Martin (not to be confused with Martyn Lewis, who hosted game show Today’s The Day) is something of a financial expert. He has hosted several TV shows where he has passed on his money-saving advice.

36th: Angela Rippon (47 appearances, 1997-2012) Angela is a news host, regularly appearing on the BBC, before going on to be one of the original line-up on TV-am.

35th: Kenneth Williams (48 appearances, 1982-1983) Kenneth was only the second-ever dictionary dweller (Ted Moult was the first, fact fans). He was known for appearing in a lot of the Carry On films, and also for always having an amusing story to tell. He could raconteur all day. But by the end of his career, he only did some occasional TV and voiceover work, and put it this way, he didn’t consider Countdown to be one of his highlights.

34th: Richard Madeley (50 appearances, 2013-2021) Richard is someone who has been a familiar TV host for many years. He started out in journalism, and worked at the East London Advertiser newspaper (which is my local paper, well it is if it’s still going). He eventually went up north and became familiar to viewers in the Granada region. But he really first found fame when he hosted ITV’s This Morning alongside his wife Judy for 13 years, before they joined Channel 4. Nowadays, Richard can usually be seen on Good Morning Britain, where people constantly insist “ha-ha, he sounds like Alan Partridge” in everything that he does, which has become tiresome. I’m fairly sure that he has always known exactly what he’s doing. Fairly sure…

33rd: Denis Norden (52 appearances, 1994-2001) Denis was a writer of several successful comedies, usually alongside Frank Muir. But he became best-known for hosting It’ll Be Alright On The Night, the show featuring TV cock-ups, where if it could go wrong, it did go wrong.

32nd: Richard Arnold (55 appearances, 2013-2021) Richard has been a showbiz reporter for GMTV, and he also worked for Inside Soap magazine.

31st: Barry Norman (57 appearances, 2001-2008) Barry was the straight-talking film critic. He hosted TV shows about films for several years, and he also wrote books. He was always very confused that his catchphrase was something that he actually never said. And as a cricket enthusiast, he was rather pleased that a bowler taking five wickets in an innings became known as a “Michelle”.

Look out for positions 30-21 being revealed soon…


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