Great Moments In Pop – The 80s Part 29.

Following on from The Cool Notes who I looked back at recently, here is another group who had plenty of great hits in the soul genre throughout the 80s. The SOS Band (SOS stands for “Sounds Of Success”) are an American group who formed in the late-70s. In July 1980 they had their first UK hit single when “Take Your Time (Do It Right)” reached no. 51, and this was also their first and only Top 40 hit in America.

Their debut album was also released in 1980, but wasn’t a hit here. They returned in February 1983 when “Groovin’ (That’s What We’re Doin’)” reached no. 72. But it was in April 1984 when they had their biggest success. This was when “Just Be Good To Me” reached no. 13. This is a rather great song, and there have been three covers of this that have been hits too (all of them have different titles curiously).

The most famous of these is “Dub Be Good To Me”, which was a chart-topper in 1990, and really is one of the highlights of that year. But there are also the lesser-remembered “Just Be Dub To Me” in 2003, and “Just Be Good To Green” in 2010. Even though these were all in different genres, whatever spin you put on this song, you can’t really fail with this classic.

Next in August 1984 was “Just The Way You Like It”, which reached no. 32. Not long after, their fifth album, also called “Just The Way You Like It”, made the Top 30. They finished off their most successful year in the UK in October when “Weekend Girl” reached no. 51. In 1985, some of their songs featured on “The Artists Volume III”, an album that also included The O’Jays and Kleeer.

They returned in March 1986 with “The Finest”, which reached no. 17 (and stayed there for three consecutive weeks), and this was also their final Top 40 hit single in the UK. This was later to be covered by Richard X as “Finest Dreams”, featuring a new vocal from Kelis, and was to the tune of an old song by The Human League. This was again proof of how some of their songs had endured.

And not long after this, their sixth album “Sands Of Time” reached the Top 20. In July 1986 “Borrowed Love” reached no. 50, and finally in May 1987 “No Lies” reached no. 64. They had kept those 808s working overtime though. The SOS Band released singles and albums for a few more years after this though, their last one being in 1991.


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