More TV Memories – The ITV Chart Show 1989 Special.

The ITV Chart Show 1989 Special (ITV, 1989)

At the end of every year (with the exception of 1994 curiously), there was a special edition of The Chart Show, where they would take a look back at some of the biggest hits and videos of the year. These were also interesting because there were some features and graphics and didn’t appear in the regular weekly editions. This is the special that was shown on 30 December 1989

Part 1 will include the grooviest Dance singles, and the Indie chart too. First though is the Best New Act, which is introduced by some spinning top graphics that I don’t remember seeing before or since. The winners are The Beautiful South, who were just ahead of Shakespears Sister (!) and Gun, who would go on to have a Top Ten hit after five years later.

Now it’s the Dance chart. Soul II Soul feature rather a lot and “Back To Life” is played, but Number One is “Voodoo Ray” by A Guy Called Gerard. We are told that before his fame he used to work in McDonald’s on Saturday, and he probably went back there afterwards, ha-ha. Then there’s a Sneak Preview of some of the videos that will be shown in full at the start of 1990, including And Why Not.

Next is the Indie chart, which is rather full of singles by The Stone Roses. But top though is “Joe” by Inspiral Carpets. Then there’s Best Foreign Video, won by Malcolm McLaren (how is he foreign?). It’s really great. Now on to part 2… The top rockers are coming, but first it’s The Funniest Video Of The Year, which is the Comic Relief cover of “Help”, incorrectly credited to “Bananarama/French & Saunders”. This also reminds me that when Siobhan left, she was replaced by Kathy Burke.

Next is the Rock chart, which is my least favourite of the three regulars, but the chart-topper is “One” by Metallica. Next is Best Solo Artist, who is Lisa Stansfield. Lisa had already been on the music scene for years, but she finally hit the big time in ’89. Then there are some more Sneak Previews, I imagine that “Sinead O’Conner” could be on to a winner with her new song.

Then it’s time for The Worst Video Of The Year, still using the same graphic from the first special in 1986 oddly (but with the year changed of course). The winner is Edelweiss with “I Can’t Get No”. This wasn’t a hit, and this is indeed rather terrible. They beat off some impressive competition to win as well, including The Village People, and Jack And Vera Duckworth. Now here’s part 3…

It’s the Top Ten of the year. Who’ll win? Is it Jason Donovan? Is it Milli Vanilli? Is it Jive Bunny? They all came close, but the Number One is “Ride On Time” by Black Box. And finally, it’s The Best Video Of The Year, which is “She Drives Me Crazy” by Fine Young Cannibals, and was first shown in full on the first edition of the year. I’m fairly sure that the director was also behind “True Faith” by New Order, who won this award in 1987. Runners-up were “Sowing The Seeds Of Love” and “Like A Prayer”. What a year!


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