Great Moments In Pop – The 80s Part 27.

This is another group that features a female duo, and they were also the frontwomen. Voice Of The Beehive formed in the mid-80s, and featured American sisters Tracey and Melissa. Also featuring were “Bedders” and “Woody” from Madness, from the time when that group was just about inactive, and the reunions were not currently planned.

In October 1987 they were tipped for success when they appeared on the cover of Record Mirror. In November 1987 they had their first hit single in the UK with “I Say Nothing”, which reached no. 45. Next in March 1988 was “I Walk The Earth”, which reached no. 42. It was also around this time when they appeared on Channel 4 music show APB, and bumped into that mysterious Danielle woman, and well if they are fans of her, then that’s terrific.

Next in May 1988 was “Don’t Call Me Baby”, which reached no. 15, and was their biggest hit single in the UK. This is not to be confused with the Transvision Vamp song with the same title of course, and if I dare admit it, I was never really a fan of that group. In July 1988, their debut album “Let It Bee” made the Top 20. After this success, it was decided to give their first two hit singles another go.

In July 1988, “I Say Nothing” was released again, and this time reached no. 22, an impressive 23-place improvement on first time round. Then in October 1988 “I Walk The Earth” was rereleased, and this time reached no. 46, actually four places lower than the first time. They returned in July 1991 with “Monsters And Angels”, which reached no. 17, to become their second and final Top 20 hit single in the UK, and this was also their biggest hit in America.

In August 1991 their second album “Honey Lingers” made the Top 20 too. In September 1991 “I Think I Love You” reached no. 25. This was a cover of a song that was made famous for its use in US sitcom The Partridge Family, I do remember seeing some episodes of this when they were shown in the post-The Chart Show slot on Saturday afternoons, and they were about 20 years old even then.

They also performed this on the first edition of the “Year Zero” Top Of The Pops, where acts were now encouraged to sing live, and unlike some, they definitely didn’t embarrass themselves. And in January 1992 “Perfect Place” reached no. 37. They performed this on CBBC’s Hangar 17, the place to be! The final time that they made the singles chart was in April 1993 when they contributed to the “Gimme Shelter EP”.

This was where various acts covered the Rolling Stones song, and the sales would raise funds for charity. This was released on different formats, and their version, which was a duet with Jimmy Somerville, featured on the cassette. However, in 1996 their third and final album “Sex And Misery” was met with virtual indifference, and Voice Of The Beehive split not long after. In 1997, there was a best-of album released, but nobody was interested by this point. But at their peak, they were a very enjoyable group.


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