Great Moments In Pop – The 2000s Part 35.

This is the rather interesting story behind another chart-topping single that I am fond of from the 2000s. In October 1999, the German production team Fragma released “Toca Me”, which was (just about) an instrumental, and this really can be described as a dance anthem that seemed to be everywhere during that summer. This reached no. 11, and that seemed to be the end of it really.

And in November 1997, a British group called Coco released “I Need A Miracle”. This had already been on the dance scene for a year or two by this point, and was tipped to be a success, but this reached no. 39, and was their only hit single. Then, one day, a club DJ realised that the instrumental of “Toca Me” and the vocal of “I Need A Miracle” went rather well together.

And then, the two songs combined was released in April 2000 as the single “Toca’s Miracle” under the Fragma name. This was essentially what would become known as a “mash-up”, just like what “Freak Like Me” was a for Sugababes couple of years after this which spectacularly revived their career. The Coco vocalist, who probably didn’t expect to be back in the spotlight, appeared in the football-themed video as well.

However, it was unclear which version of “I Need A Miracle” was used for this, so there was a chance that she was performing a vocal that she didn’t perform for a group that she wasn’t a member of. But this sold very quickly, even in an era of big CD singles sales (which wouldn’t last much longer) this was flying out the door at a pace which was rather remarkable.

I remember being a big fan of this, and I was always pleased when the video turned up on the music channels. This was a chart-topper for two weeks, which was something of a rarity in this quick-moving period, and I felt that this was well-deserved. Fragma did go on to have some more hit singles, which were rather good too, although “Toca’s Miracle” would always be the best one.

In January 2001 “Every Time You Need Me” reached no. 3, in May 2001 “You Are Alive” reached no. 4, and in December 2001 “Say That You’re Here” reached no. 25. That was it for a while, but then there was another twist in the story. In April 2008, eight years on, a remix of “Toca’s Miracle” was released. To make things more confusing, the original vocal was used, but a different singer performed this in the video! This reached no. 16, to become the sixth and final UK hit single for Fragma.


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