Great Moments In Pop – The 90s Part 34.

This is a British indie group who did some interesting things in the late-90s. One day, I was having a look at some articles in music magazines where they tipped who the big new stars of 1998 would be (although they mostly it wrong). A picture of one group jumped out me though, as they had a rather glamorous-looking singer, and I had to find out who that was.

The group were Theaudience, and the singer was Sophie Ellis-Bextor (who was only 18 at the time). Of course, just about every article about this group at the time had to reference Sophie’s famous parents, her mum used to present Blue Peter would you believe. It turned out that they had already released a single, when in October 1997 “I Got The Wherewithal” reached only no. 170.

Their next single did better though, when in March 1998 “If You Can’t Do It When You’re Young, When Can You Do It” reached no. 48, and the video was shown on The Chart Show, it looked like the interest surrounding them was beginning to increase. The next single release in May 1998 was “A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed” which reached no. 27, to become their first Top 40 hit single.

It was in August 1998 though when the hype machine reached its peak. In this month, their fourth and final single “I Know Enough (I Don’t Get Enough)” reached no. 25, their highest position yet. Their debut album “Theaudience” was also released, which earned a few rather middling reviews, although this did reach no. 22. Sophie was interviewed in plenty of magazines around this time too.

And Sophie also appeared on the cover of Melody Maker, where Theaudience were described as “the best new band in Britain”, although they seemed to say that all the time. By the end of 1998 though, after a couple of years together, Theaudience split, and what was planned to be their second album was scrapped. I was rather disappointed, as I thought that Sophie had blown her chance of becoming a properly famous pop star, and I presumed that I wouldn’t ever see her again.

But little did I know that I would turn out to be rather wrong about that…


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