Game Show Memories – Bridge Of Lies.

Bridge Of Lies (BBC1, 2022-present)

Along with The 1% Club, this one is my game show highlight of the year so far. There have been a lot of ideas tried out in the BBC1 daytime slot recently, which is commendable, but this one stood out to me much more than the others. The idea of Bridge Of Lies is very similar to a game on CBBC’s Raven, and this also reminds me of a game on The Crystal Maze.

The host of this is Ross Kemp, who is better known as an actor, and this is his first attempt at hosting a show like this. Four contestants take part, usually relatives or work colleagues. There is a screen on the floor, which is where the game will be played. First, the category is revealed. Then the actual question is, and one is chosen to play. There are five minutes on the clock.

They step on a circle if they think that the answer inside it is correct. If it is, they win £100, and some circles around them open to reveal their answers. They have to create a path of correct answers that leads all the way to the finish. However, they must look out for the wrong answers. Step on one, and you lose some money (the twist in this show is referring to the wrong answers as “lies”).

They also have two opportunities to stop the clock, and reveal one wrong answer each time. If three lies are revealed, their round ends, and they are eliminated from taking part in the final. However, if a teammate watching on in the waiting room presses a button, that stops the round, and they can save any money that had been won at that point. This round is then done another three times.

Before the final, eliminated contestants have the chance to be bought back, but it will cost them some of their money (a little like the dilemma that can happen on Tenable). In the final, depending on where they are up to, there are two, three, or four statements, and they have to step on the one that is correct in time (they can confer, if there is anyone to confer with). If they are wrong, they are eliminated.

If they run out of contestants before reaching the end, the game is over. But if they do get to the end, they win the money. One disappointment was that sometimes there was only a three-figure sum being played for, and I thought that we were long past that era. I’m not sure if Bridge Of Lies is planned to return for a second series yet, but I very much hope that it does, because overall it was enjoyable.

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