More TV Memories – The Weekend Show.

The Weekend Show (ITV, 1997-1998)

Rather a long time ago now, as part of my Saturday Morning Memories series, I looked back at CITV’s The Noise, and said about how surprised I was to see Andi Peters host another Saturday morning show, fairly shortly after his departure from CBBC’s Live & Kicking. His co-host was Emma Forbes, who also around this time hosted shows on ITV including Good Stuff and Talking Telephone Numbers.

But did you know that not long after Live & Kicking Andi and Emma went on to host another show together? Just like The Totally Friday Show that I reviewed recently, The Weekend Show was another live show in the LWT region on Fridays (produced by London News Network) that aimed to get weekends off to a lively start. There doesn’t seem to be much about this one online, so it’s time for me to fill the gap.

This was sponsored by Thorpe Park, and the opening sequence was rather memorable. This was partly because the theme was an extended version of the LWT ident jingle that was introduced in 1996. Every week this would come from a different location in the region, and featured the usual mix of celebrity guests, competitions, and so on.

And well, this was yet another show where pop groups could turn up to get on the TV and perform their latest single in front of some fans, that’s if they didn’t mind being interviewed by Andi afterwards! Another interesting thing about The Weekend Show was that this would be shown in two parts. The first was from 5:10-5:35, which was followed by London Weekend Tonight and ITN Early Evening News.

Then at 6pm there would be Home And Away (and they did seem to insist that this was an actual feature on the show), with the second part following from 6:25-7pm. Andi would get fairly stroppy if we missed the first part for whatever reason. The Weekend Show would run for a year or two, usually around the summer, and maybe it was an attempt at a The Big Breakfast-style show.

I can’t recall Andi’s old mate Edd The Duck ever turning up though, which was disappointing. Andi was also credited as the co-series producer, and after this ended, he went on to work more behind the scenes, including being involved in Channel 4’s T4 strand that was aimed at teenagers, and he then went on to ruin Top Of The Pops. Well I’m sorry, but he did.

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