More TV Memories – The Totally Friday Show.

The Totally Friday Show (ITV, 1996-1997)

It is hard to believe that regional ITV ended almost 20 years ago now (well sort of, the names of most regions were around until 2004, and there was still plenty of regional programming until about 2005). Over the years, there were many attempts by LWT to feature a live “let’s start the weekend in style”-type show on a Friday, and these including The 6 O’Clock Show and 6 O’Clock Live.

And this is an example of one from the late-90s, that was aimed at younger viewers. The memory is a little vague on this one, but the idea behind The Totally Friday Show, it says here, was “children’s series offering ideas on how to fill your spare time”. This was produced by London News Network, which was also behind Carlton and LWT’s main news show London Tonight.

Among the hosts was Sonya Saul, who had featured as an entertainment reporter on London Tonight, and I didn’t realise at the time that she had actually been on TV going back to the 80s as one of the hosts of CITV’s computers show Video And Chips. One feature was having various pop stars perform their new single in the studio, and they seemed to be anybody who was keen to appear really.

They ranged from Spice Girls (who went on to conquer the pop music world) to Speedy (who, er, didn’t). There is one rather unusual moment that I’m fairly sure happened on this show, but anyone is welcome to confirm or deny this. Let Loose were a group who were tipped to be big in the mid-90s. After about a year on the scene, they finally had a big hit with “Crazy For You” (although this had to be re-released a few times first).

They went on to have further hits, and performed one of them on this show. I’m not sure what happened because I was only half-looking, but afterwards they took some questions from some children who were in the studio. One asked “what was the most embarrassing moment of your career?” (they always seem to ask that don’t they, they never ask anyone what the highlight was).

The singer said “er, I think it happened about ten minutes ago actually”. I think they missed their cue or had some microphone trouble, something like that, there’s live TV for you. I don’t recall seeing them much after this, hopefully they’ve recovered from the embarrassment now. Along with The Totally Friday Show, also around this time LWT tried a similar idea with The Weekend Show, and I’ll review that soon too.


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