Great Moments In Pop – The 2010s Part 3.

It’s time to look back at a pop music success from more recent years. Jess Glynne is an English singer who first found fame when she was the guest vocalist on Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be” single in 2014. This did rather well, winning a Grammy, spending over a year on the chart, and being one of the more acclaimed chart-toppers from this era.

She then went on to have further hits on her own, and there is one highlight that I want to pick out because it brings back a rather specific memory for me. When The Chart Show ended on ITV in 1998, it was an end of an era, but it was actually nowhere near the end of the story. It seems that the website continued, and there might have been versions produced for other countries that continued too.

But by the time of digital TV expanding in the early-2000s, there was the launch of the channel Chart Show TV. This showed music videos of course, but there was excitement when some editions of The Chart Show from the 90s were repeated, and there was even an attempt at reviving the original format. But I had never seen this channel for myself.

But as channels have constantly come and gone from Freeview over the years, for a short while Chart Show TV (or whatever it was called by this point) turned up, and I was so pleased. A music channel that actually shows music videos! And it’s a distant relative of The Chart Show! I decided I must watch this channel, especially on a Saturday evening, when they showed a selection of big dance hits.

This was a great way to catch up with what was on the chart and discover some new songs, maybe other music channels could try doing this one day. In July 2014, “Right Here” was released, and this did turn up rather frequently in this slot, but I always enjoyed seeing this, and this definitely became and remains one of the sounds of that summer for me, and this reached no. 6.

Flame-haired Jess went on to have several more chart-topping singles, including “Hold My Hand” and “Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself”, and statistically at least she is one of the most successful British female singers that there has ever been. Her 2015 debut album “I Cry When I Laugh” did very well too. But there’s no doubt for me at what her highlight is.


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