Great Moments In Pop – The 2000s Part 31.

This is another female American singer, who was briefly popular in the UK, particularly in the rather crowded R & B genre, but ultimately didn’t have a huge number of hit singles. The Massachusetts-born Amerie Rogers had her first couple of hits in collaborations with rappers. In November 2002 there was “Why Don’t We Fall In Love” with Ludacris.

And this was followed in February 2003 by “Paradise”, which was with LL Cool J. Both of these made the Top 40, but didn’t attract a huge amount of attention. But it was in June 2005 when Amerie finally made the breakthrough, and had her first big hit single on her own. This was “1 Thing” which reached no. 4, and was her most successful single in both the UK and America.

It definitely helped that the video barely seemed to be off the music channels, and the radio stations were rather fond of this one too, I almost didn’t mind hearing this 50 times a day. It is also great to know that “1 Thing” was a new entry in that historic week when “Axel F” by Crazy Frog also entered the chart, undoubtedly the most revered and significant chart-topper of its era.

Around the same time as this, her second album “Touch” was released, and this made the Top 30 (her 2002 debut failed to chart). Next in September 2005 was “Touch”, which reached no. 19, and it was a surprise that this didn’t make the Top Ten. I do remember the video being rather steamy, and although this was a time when a lot of videos were like this, this still managed to stand out.

After a break in 2006, Amerie returned in May 2007 with “Take Control” which reached no. 10. This was her second and final Top Ten hit in the UK, but it’s still one more than she had in America. It was good to have her back on the scene, and her third album “Because I Love It” made the Top 20, although this spent half the time on the chart that the previous album did.

And in July 2007, “Gotta Work” was released, and like many of her other singles, this one contained a sample, which in this case was from a song by Sam And Dave. This reached no. 21, and this turned out to be her final hit single in the UK. At a time when there were a lot of similar singers on the chart, I felt that she was one of the better ones, although little has been heard from her in recent years.

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