Great Moments In Pop – The 90s Part 23.

This is a group that had a few hits, but they were better known for their production and remix work, along with collaborating with some other famous acts. And there is a surprise twist in their career too. The Dreem Teem (not to be confused with Sky One’s Dream Team) were the trio DJ Spoony, Mikee B, and Timmi Magic. They met when they were working on pirate radio stations in the mid-90s.

They then went on to host shows on Kiss and BBC Radio 1, and they are considered to be rather major players in the development of the UK Garage genre. By the time they joined Radio 1, there were specialist late-night shows in various genres, meaning that there was a clash between different tastes as they tried to cater for everyone, and a lot of other hosts were rather snobby about them.

I’m sure that Mark Radcliffe used to call Spoony “DJ Spoonfed”, while rather inevitably, Chris Moyles used to call Timmi Magic “Timmy Mallett”, but for the people who did like their style, they were an essential listen. They first made the chart in December 1997 when “The Theme” was released, and this reached no. 34. Then in November 1999, “Buddy X ’99” reached no. 15, to become their biggest hit.

This was a garage remix of Neneh Cherry’s “Buddy X” which was originally a hit in June 1993. This meant that Neneh was still having hits over a decade on from “Buffalo Stance”. I remember that this was played a lot on Kiss at the time, although this was just after they changed their policy, and practically became a “play the same 12 songs all day” station, but this one did manage to get into the loop, and it was always good to hear.

And in December 2001, “It Ain’t Enough” reached no. 20. This was a collaboration with The Artful Dodger, who a couple of years earlier had introduced the world to Craig David. They also contributed to the ITV documentary series The Dance Years, and in 2001 they even had their own show on UK Play. Now I used to watch this channel very regularly, so I am surprised that I don’t really remember this.

But That Dreem Teem Thing was supposedly made “at their flat in Bethnal Green”. Now this is where I live in London, and once again the thought that where they remixed their big hits, and hung out with their mates including Mis-Teeq, could’ve been just over the road from me, was rather remarkable. Why are there so many pop stars here? They were probably on the floor above Bananarama.

I am pleased that every edition of this show is online, I must have a closer look. In more recent years, Spoony sat in for Trevor Nelson on his BBC Radio 2 show, and it is odd to think that even he could now be considered to be more suitable for and more familiar to a Radio 2 audience, it wasn’t that long ago now, was it? Maybe UK Garage is now a genre that is old enough that the biggest hits can be considered to be “golden oldies”, and The Dreem Teem probably remixed all of them.

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