The Comedy Vault – 12 In A Box.

12 In A Box (2006)

This is another low-key British comedy film that, just like Brakes and Sparks And Embers, I came across rather late at night on the London Live channel. I have decided to give this a review because I am always interested in seeing some British comedy talent on display, and well, you’ve got to support the British film industry as much as you can, haven’t you.

I bought this on DVD, so now I can watch this without a single advert for Wowcher or Pimlico Plumbers interrupting. However, 12 In A Box did receive some rather bad reviews, with 1/5 scores almost all around, and quotes from critics include “amateurish” and “the worst film I have ever seen” (that phrase also turned up when I was looking for reviews of Brakes, so I really know how to pick them, don’t I).

There are a few familiar names in the cast, including Katy Wix, who was in sitcom Not Going Out for a while, but this one is mostly sold on Miranda Hart, who in the years since this was made, went on to have much further success with her own sitcom. So it was decided to dust this one off for a rather belated DVD release, without pointing out that Miranda is actually a fairly minor cast member who only appears briefly, how cheeky.

I was also intrigued to spot among the cast someone called Phoebe Sweeney. Now she was a rather glamorous cast member of ITV’s strange soap Night And Day that I have long since revealed I was a fan of, so I was pleased to finally see her again in something else. I decided to look at her IMDB entry to check her career, and it seems that this film is her most recent credit. I wonder whatever happened to her.

As for the actual plot of 12 In A Box if you’re bothered… A dozen mismatched people who attended the same school are invited to a stately home. If they can stay together for 96 hours and not leave, they will receive £1m each. But of course, chaos soon ensues, leading to lots of running about, bizarre situations, and strange acting. It really was an accident waiting to happen.

As for if they do get their money, well it is all rather exciting. There is almost some tension during all of the twists that happen along the way. It turns out that are some unexpected visitors, and some of them will not survive long enough to even get their money, how awkward. The only DVD extra is a minute-long trail, which isn’t very generous really.


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