The Comedy Vault – Wayne’s World.

Wayne’s World (1992)/Wayne’s World 2 (1993)

This is another two-for-the-price-of-one film review. And this is an American comedy film, which proved to be the big break in the career of Mike Myers. He had already been on the scene for a while though, including in the 80s appearing on TV-am’s The Wide Awake Club in a parody called The Fast Asleep Club, how great. I’m sure that working with Tommy Boyd and the like must’ve been an experience.

The character of Wayne, along with his good friend Garth, had first appeared as a sketch on the long-running comedy show Saturday Night Live. Now I must admit that this isn’t a show that I’ve seen that much of, but I know that there have been several other popular characters who went on to star in successful spin-off films, and they managed to get two themselves.

Wayne and Garth host a show together on cable access TV, and they are always ready for their extreme close-up, but they do dream of doing bigger things. They are also rather into their rock music, and like headbanging to all the great songs. Wayne’s World did well enough for a lot of the catchphrases featured to be a big success, lots of people seemed to be saying them, for a few minutes in the 90s at least.

And some of the songs that were on the soundtrack were hits too, including “Everything About You”. Don’t forget to try and not mix them up with the similar Bill And Ted though. So there wasn’t too much surprise when about a year later, there was a sequel, featuring even more antics with Wayne and Garth, who were now TV superstars (in their own minds at least).

And the sequel means a little more to me than most other films, because Wayne’s World 2 was the first ever film that I saw at the cinema! (I did see someone online ask the question recently, “what is the first film that you are old enough to remember seeing at the cinema?”, and I can’t really think of anyone going before they could remember, as if they watched the film as a baby or something).

But enough rambling, because, well, what an experience it was. The screen was so big and everything. After this, Myers had further success playing various other characters including Austin Powers (and I’ll review the trilogy of films soon), and Shrek. I don’t know if there will ever be a third film, because the idea might not work as Wayne would now be about 60.


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