The Comedy Vault – Absolutely Anything.

Absolutely Anything (2015)

This is yet another comedy film that stars Simon Pegg, and this one has a science-fiction twist. Pegg starred as Neil, who was a disillusioned school teacher. He can’t get on with his pupils, who are just the worst, and the staff don’t seem to be too fond of him either. But he doesn’t realise that some aliens have been watching on, as they are curious about what happens on this planet called Earth.

They decide to give Neil the power to be able to do anything that he wants, all it takes is a quick wave of his hand. He’s in charge! Now he can make his dreams come true, but how will he use this new-found responsibility? Well at last, he will be able to make everyone in his class sit down, shut up, and take their coats off, and even earn the admiration of his staff, and indeed everybody else in the world.

What is significant about Absolutely Anything is that the Monty Python team provided the voices of the aliens, when they were still a fivesome (and this was around the time of their successful stage show that I plan to review soon too). This was also co-written and directed by Terry Jones, who made a brief appearance too as a befuddled lorry driver.

Neil tries hard to make sure that he uses his powers for good, but he’s having one of those days. And if he feels that his life hasn’t become strange enough already, his dog is suddenly possessed by the ghost of Robin Williams. The aliens soon realise that they may have made a mistake, and try to take his powers away after discovering what these strange Earthlings are like.

Also among the cast is Kate Beckinsale as the main love interest. Despite the great cast and interesting idea, the critics weren’t too fond of Absolutely Anything. Some wondered if the script had been put together from some ideas on pieces of paper that were found in Douglas Adams’s bin. Oh well, is there any chance of making Shaun Of The Dead 2? DVD extras include some cast interviews.

2 thoughts on “The Comedy Vault – Absolutely Anything.

  1. Des Elmes says:

    Among the other big names in the cast: Joanna Lumley, Eddie Izzard, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Meera Syal and Robert Bathurst.

    And it was, of course, Robin Williams’ final film.

    The soundtrack was by George Fenton of BBC News and Groundhog Day fame, while Queen’s Roger Taylor performed the title song and Kylie – yes, Kylie – recorded a promotional single.

    All this and more, and its current IMDb rating is still only 5.9…


  2. Des Elmes says:

    A glance at the full cast also reveals a guy named Richard Suchet playing a newsreader.

    If is to be believed, he’s a nephew of John, and also of David – his father being their other brother, Peter.


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