The Comedy Vault – Confetti.

Confetti (2006)

This is yet another British comedy film, and there is little doubt for me that there is a great cast, and the idea is also rather interesting. A magazine holds a competition for Most Original Wedding Of The Year. Three couples who are about to get married decide to enter, and they aim to outdo each other with their ambitious ideas. There is a big prize on offer for the winners.

They were played by Jessica Hynes and Martin Freeman, Olivia Colman and Robert Webb, and Meredith MacNeill and Stephen Mangan. This is a film that is done in a documentary style, and it seems that all of the dialogue is improvised, so who knows what direction things will end up going in. These couples are also joined by various planners and designers, along with family members, who hope to make their dreams come true.

The couples eventually determine what they want the theme of their wedding to be. Hynes and Freeman decide that they want something rather old-fashioned in the style of a musical, with plenty of top hats and glamour. Colman and Webb (it was odd seeing them together, knowing that Webb’s mate David Mitchell played Colman’s love interest in sitcom Peep Show) want a naturist theme.

And MacNeill and Mangan (I remember MacNeill was also in sketch show Man Stroke Woman around this time, but I haven’t seen much of her in the years since) want a sport theme, and decide to go for tennis. This all leads to the final showdown, when the three couples do their thing on stage, and then the winner is announced, it is all rather exciting for everyone.

But rather interestingly, the DVD extras include more endings, so if you want, you can make a different couple win to the one in the actual film, so everyone succeeds. If only life was really as fair as that. There are also approving quotes on the DVD box taken from Now and News Of The World, but where are they now? I think that Confetti has also been shown in a fairly late-night slot on BBC2 at least once.

This film does seem to have caused a stir in more recent years though when, despite playing naturists, Colman and Webb both insisted that they weren’t aware of how much nudity there was going to be, and their uncomfortableness does come through the screen. They have both practically disowned this, although now Colman owns a Best Actress Oscar she probably doesn’t think about it too much nowadays.

One thought on “The Comedy Vault – Confetti.

  1. Des Elmes says:

    Jimmy Carr, Mark Heap and Alison Steadman among the cast too.

    Slightly disappointing, then, that its current IMDb rating is only 5.7…


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