The Comedy Vault – The Powder Room.

The Powder Room (2013)

This is another British comedy film from the past decade or so, only I don’t think that I saw this one turn up late at night on London Live, it might’ve actually been on Film4 instead. But the reason that I was attracted to this one at all is because the main character was played by Sheridan Smith, someone who I and many others always enjoy seeing.

Now Sheridan is someone who has won a lot of awards over the years, although these are mostly for her drama work, but it was good to see her doing something closer to comedy again, although I doubt that anyone will consider this to be the pinnacle of her career, I had to take a look, and this has also been released on DVD. The Powder Room was based on a play, that was eventually turned into a film.

Sam (played by Sheridan) decides to have a night out at a rather trendy nightclub. But we mostly see now the night plays out in the room where there is a lot of, er, powder. It will turn out to be a night that few of them will forget though. Sam meets up with some old college friends, but she isn’t exactly truthful about what she has been up to in the years since.

There are also some interludes that feature some rather funky music that all of the youngsters like. Sam’s life is about to be completely turned upside down by her mistakes. She is so embarrassed she will barely be able to face her friends on MySpace ever again. There really are a strange lot of goings on, but Sam takes the opportunity to access where her life is going.

By the end, Daniel Bedingfield’s song comes on, much to the delight of the crowd, and Sam finally realises who her BFF (as the teenagers used to say about 20 years ago) really is. So there is a sort-of happy ending. Also featuring in the cast are Jaime Winstone and Kate Nash. Critics didn’t seem to get too worked up about The Powder Room, although one said that Sheridan’s performance was “fantastic” (well of course). There are no extras on the DVD though.


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