The Comedy Vault – Johnny Vegas Live.

Johnny Vegas is someone who has had one of the more unusual careers in British comedy. He first came on to the stand-up scene in the late-90s, and he caused something of a stir for a few reasons. This is because he is into his pottery, and he would often get out his wheel and do his routine whilst making a pot, which is definitely something different.

He also had a rather shouty style, and this would be enhanced as he would usually have had a Guinness or seven before going on stage. He was also rather fond of taking his shirt off to liven up a dull gig. He shows are rather odd, but not in a surreal way, more outrageous. If he doesn’t end lying face down on the floor, shirtless and with ripped trousers, it’s been a disappointing night.

I don’t really recall the first time that I saw Johnny on TV, but he started to become a well-known name around the early-2000s. This was due to his unpredictable appearances on shows including Shooting Stars where he was a regular panellist for a series, along with being rather enthusiastic about hazily remembering things that happened in the 80s. And of course there were also those adverts, but even he couldn’t save ITV Digital from going under. I’ll never be able to watch MTV again.

He has also featured in various sitcoms including Ideal and Benidorm. But it was decided that he should probably return to his stand-up roots, and some of these shows have been released on DVD, including Johnny Vegas Live At The Benidorm Palace. And well, once you get Johnny going, he is barely able to stop, your home will be rather full of cows before his finishes his routine.

Johnny tells us all about why he likes to visit sunny Benidorm so much, along with plenty of anecdotes about his crazy family. He does indeed get his wheel out, and he picks someone out of the crowd to join in, which is a rather exciting experience for everyone. There really is nobody else like him on the scene, one is enough really. There are also some extras that feature even more fun with Johnny.


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