The Comedy Vault – Noel Fielding Live.

The Mighty Boosh is a strange sitcom that I very much enjoyed. Noel and Julian eventually gained a big enough fanbase to go on a successful tour. But after they went their separate ways, Noel Fielding had a comedy show of his own on E4, and this was definitely up to the standards of strangeness that we were now expecting. And then he decided to go on tour on his own.

But he would be joined by a rather unusual group of characters, most of these coming from his E4 series. And there would not only be stand-up, but also animation, and even some music. Clearly people were looking forward to being able to spend an evening with Noel (well two hours actually). There was a big crowd, and they were all up for it, despite it being a Monday.

This really was going to be a unique experience. We also saw an appearance from The Moon, one of Noel’s most popular characters going back to the Boosh days, because well it’s The Moon, and this was going to set the scene, and make us realise that he was going to do something that was as weird as he’s ever done. Watch out for his enemy The Dark Side Of The Moon though. He’s nasty.

After doing his stand-up, which featured a lot of bizarre jokes, we met the plasticine punk. Other highlights included a fight with a red triangle from Essex, along with an argument with a dodecahedron. Also featuring were The New York Cop and The Fantasy Man. And if you’re lucky, there might even be a special surprise guest or two turning up on stage. What a delight. You really don’t know what is going to happen next.

All of this went down rather well with critics, and apparently people in the crowd were about to explode with delight. There was clearly a lot of energy and imagination out into this show. Extras include a look behind the scenes, and a photo gallery. I’m fairly sure that this is the only live DVD that Noel has released (on his own anyway), maybe he might do it all again one day soon.


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