The Comedy Vault – Bill Bailey Live.

One thing that I have noticed about most stand-up comedy tours is the rather bizarre titles that they are given. They can be rather cryptic turns of phrase that may (or may not) explain some of the content that will be featured. So you might get titles like “Vomiting Spinach Into A Pram” (I know that’s actually a Chris Morris-ism, but some of them aren’t too far off this, how crazy).

And that brings me to Bill Bailey, who has been on some rather oddly-named tours over the years. I also found a video online recently which claimed to be his TV debut, on CITV’s Saturday Morning show Motormouth (why Motormouth of all shows?). I don’t know if that’s true or not, but even then he clearly had some musical talent, and it looked like he didn’t have a beard, maybe he wasn’t old enough to grow one at the time.

Bill has become known for his comedy style that mixes music with rather surreal observations. Because he is kind like that, he will think nothing of whipping out his guitar or piano to perform amusing songs, whilst dissecting others to determine how they work. If you’ve ever wanted to hear a hardcore gabba techno version of the Nine O’Clock News theme, then he’s your man.

There is also a special guest appearance from the second-biggest gong in Britain. His “Cosmic Jam” show has been released on DVD, and about a year or two after this, he starred in Is It Bill Bailey?, his own comedy series on BBC2, which is highly recommended if you haven’t seen it already. And then he went on to further shows including sitcoms Spaced and Black Books.

Critics have enjoyed his shows, using phrases like “leaves you gasping” and “painfully funny”, so hopefully there were plenty of ambulances on standby outside for the audience. Extras on the DVD include an interview, plenty of interesting observations about sheds… and a bonus DVD, featuring his a performance from his “Bewilderness” tour.

This was more of the same (but I mean this in a good way). I suppose that there’s a chance that he could be considered to be the king of silly noises. Some of his shows have also been shown on Channel 4. I can only imagine that his mantlepiece regularly makes groaning noises from the weight of all of the high-profile awards that he has won on it.


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