The Comedy Vault – Peter Kay Live.

Peter Kay is yet another of those comedians who has been on the circuit since the 90s. He made a few TV appearances, including being a contributor to The Sunday Show, along with some other comedy shows, but it was sitcom Phoenix Nights that really raised his profile. And this meant that after a fairly modest start to his career, he became one of the most popular British stand-up comedians.

Peter has been on several tours, which have been released on DVD. I have two, which are Live At The Bolton Albert Halls: Mum Wants A Bungalow Tour, performed in his home town, and The Tour That Didn’t Tour Tour. I’m not sure how many releases there are, as they have been constantly repackaged. Peter has a style that can be considered to be fun for all the family.

Well, maybe not, you can bring your nan along if you like, but only if you think that she won’t mind some of the ruder jokes. Peter has something of a down to earth but cheeky style, talking about various things in everyday life in a silly way. And of course, before he came along, nobody remembered Bullseye, but everybody does now, which is marvellous.

There’s little doubt that Peter knows how to entertain an audience, and I can only imagine that everyone went home with a big smile on their face. Let’s hope that his mum is proud of that bungalow. His later show was described as the most successful comedy tour in the history of the world ever, although they all say that, but it might actually be true in this case.

His amusing observations even topped one of those Top 100 polls about the things that make people laugh or whatever it was. I suppose his style really is the ultimate example of “it’s funny because it’s true” humour. Peter has gone on to win lots of awards, and he could always guarantee that his shows would be sold out wherever he went.

And he has even had a chart-topping single which supported Comic Relief, even if he still doesn’t know where Amarillo is. Some of these shows have also been repeated on Channel 4 on a few occasions. The DVDs contain no extras though, if you want to know more about how the tour was put together, then you’ll just have to buy the book won’t you.


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