More TV Memories – SpongeBob SquarePants Fact Or Fishy.

SpongeBob SquarePants Fact Or Fishy (2004)

Did you know that you can now play your favourite game on your DVD player? Well, it’s true. A while ago, an interactive DVD game of SpongeBob SquarePants was released, which is one of my favourite cartoons. This was Fact Or Fishy, which claimed to be “trivia with attitude!”. A game that’s all about SpongeBob trivia? Well of course I was interested.

This is a game that features over 450 questions. Make sure that you’ve got enough players, and their cards are ready. Get ready for FUN. A statement about this show (as voiced by the sponge himself) that is picked at random appears on the screen. The idea is to guess whether it “fact or fishy” (or indeed true or false). We then see a clip from a episode that reveals the answer.

Whoever gets the right answer wins some Krabby Patty tokens, not some actual Krabby Pattys of course, although that would be rather nice. The more statements that are asked, the more this gives you an insight into SpongeBob’s rather weird and wonderful world. There are a few twists in the game though, with some additional rounds.

There is Feeding Frenzy, where three non-SpongeBob related questions are asked against the clock. There are plenty more Krabby Patty tokens on offer for correct answers here. The Slam Song features the theme song being played. You don’t have to sing along as such, but you do have to guess when the music will stop by waving some more cards around.

But it’s worth it, because more tokens can be won this way. Also between questions, there are chances to win or lose more tokens. If you see Plankton, then it’s bad news. But if the Sea Captain appears, then it’s your lucky day. There are two ways that the game can end. Firstly, if all of the tokens have been taken, and whoever has the most wins.

Also, if there is only one player remaining with any tokens, then they win. This means that the game on the DVD doesn’t seem to have an ending sequence as such, presumably people just continued to play with as many statements as they needed until they reached one of the possible conclusions. So they had to turn him off before he could even say goodbye.


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