More TV Memories – The Chris Moyles Show.

The Chris Moyles Show (UK Play, 1998-2000)

This is another show I remember watching on UK Play that I feel is worth giving a full review. Chris Moyles is someone who was on BBC Radio 1 in an afternoon slot, at the same time as having this show. He was always being described at this point as a “loudmouth” or “outspoken” and all those kind of things, but there were plenty of amusing moments, and I listed a few of my favourites in another piece a while ago.

He had already conquered radio (so he claimed), but would he be able to do the same for the still fledgling digital TV? Moyles was one of several Radio 1 hosts to be given a show on UK Play (which I’m sure was described before the launch as essentially aiming to be “Radio 1 TV” if that makes sense, a channel that mixes music with comedy). And that is what The Chris Moyles Show was really, combining comedy, chat, and music videos (which were introduced by pushing a big lever).

He would be joined by his usual sidekick Comedy Dave, who would be dressed as a jockey or a matador, for no reason that ever really seemed to be explained, and anybody else who happened to be around. And in some editions there was some rather strange man with a keyboard who would perform songs, where did they find him from. There would also often be celebrity guests too, I remember that Lionel Blair appeared once, and I know just how much the teenagers of the time were fond of him (probably).

I remember one edition that was something rather different. This featured a look behind the scenes, but this seemed to be done in the style of a straight documentary, not an exaggerated parody, or played for laughs. This did give an insight into how these shows were put together, but it did seem out of place. I think that there were about three or four series of The Chris Moyles Show, repeated all over the place. Whether it was 10am or 10pm, there he was.

After this Moyles did a similar show on Channel 5 (which I reviewed a while ago), which unlike this one went out live. He then went on to host a show on Channel 4, but radio always seemed to bring the best out of him, compared to TV (all those “a great face for radio” jokes by critics didn’t help either). After he left Radio 1, he went his separate ways with Dave too, but to this day he always tries to make his banter reaches the levels of greatness that are required by the regulator.


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