Game Show Memories – All Mixed Up.

All Mixed Up (ITV, 1998-2002)

This is another game show that I don’t remember from the time, although this is because this actually wasn’t shown in my ITV region. But after I watched a few editions online, and because I’m always interested in discovering more game shows from this era, I thought that I would feature this one. All Mixed Up was only shown in the UTV region, and the host was Eamonn Holmes. Yes, again.

Three teams of two took part, consisting of one contestant, who would be assisted by a celebrity, and somehow they all seemed to have a show that was on UTV at the time, what a coincidence. They will be able to help their teammate out, hopefully. It seems that the format changed after about a series, and this piece will concentrate on the later editions.

All Mixed Up was a game where the contestants were given the answers, but they were in the wrong order, and they had to be correctly matched to the questions. Round one was Get It Sorted. There were five clues, and they had to pick the top three out of them based on the question. There are five points for a correct answer, but if they get one wrong, it is passed on to the next team.

Round two is What Do You Know. There is a choice of five categories. There are six answers, and they have to be matched with the right question. Ten points for a correct answer. Round three is The Quick Mix. Instead of being played team-by-team, this is an open round on the buzzer. There are six words on the same category, a question is asked, with 15 points for a correct answer.

But get it wrong, and ten points are deducted. The highest-scoring team goes into the final, The Big Mix. The defeated contestants receive the consolation prize of a hamper. At this point, the contestant has the chance to trade their celebrity teammate for one of the others, but they usually don’t. In the final, there are eight answers in one category.

The questions are given, and one by one they individually make their choices. Then the results are revealed. If they both choose the right answer, then the contestant wins a prize. Cash prizes of up to £5,000 were on offer in the earliest series, but then things like video recorders and washing machines were instead. If they manage to get all eight, they win the star prize of a holiday.

All Mixed Up was shown in various timeslots, from primetime to nighttime, but managed to run for a few series, presumably viewers in the UTV region found this fun to watch. There were even some specials, at which point the Christmas trees with their twinkling lights would be brought out on stage, and Eamonn would put his best suit and bowtie on.


2 thoughts on “Game Show Memories – All Mixed Up.

  1. J King says:

    All Mixed Up was recorded in what would be considered by the London media as one of the smallest television studios to be used for a quiz show.

    Studio 1 at UTV studios based in Havelock House in Belfast was opened in June 1993 as part of their £4 million investment into improving UTV during their new franchise era, but the new studio was only 2,500 Sq Ft in size.

    Before 1993, UTV entertainment shows such as their hugely popular Friday night talk show “Kelly” would be produced in an even smaller studio, at barely 1,700 Sq Ft.

    Studio 1 had clever wide angle lenses, cleverly constructed sets and a specially built audience seating platform for around 125 people, which made any show produced there look big on screen, but in reality was tiny.

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