Game Show Memories – The Answer Trap.

The Answer Trap (Channel 4, 2021)

This is yet another daytime game show that came and went recently and almost certainly won’t be returning, but deserves more acclaim. Some people thought that the format of The Answer Trap fell somewhere between Wipeout and Only Connect, and this was done rather well. The host was Anita Rani, and three teams of two take part.

In the first round, there are nine answers and two categories. The teams have to put the right answers into the right categories. Doing this earns them £50, but putting an answer into the wrong category will earn nothing. But beware, because if an answer is picked that is wrong and doesn’t go into either category… they have fallen into the trap!

Two game show experts Bobby Seagull and Frank Paul (best-known for their appearances on University Challenge and Only Connect) have placed some wrong answers into the grid. If they are found, lots of alarms go off, and which one set the trap is revealed. They then explain why it is a wrong answer. Finding two traps ends the round for the team.

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In the second round, there are now 12 answers and two categories, and only one of the team plays. Correct answers are now worth £100, and again two traps ends their round. In the third round, there are now 16 answers and three categories, with correct answers being worth £200. Whoever has the most money after this goes into the final.

In this, there is a choice of categories. The question has 16 answers, with ten correct, and six traps. If they find eight correct answers, they win the money that they have made. If they find nine, they double that money. And if they find all ten, they win the star prize of £10,000. But again, they must beware, because finding two traps loses them their money, but they do have the option of being able to stop.

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The things that made The Answer Trap succeed included the rivalry between the Trappers (not a phrase that will catch on like Chasers or Eggheads though), hoping that the teams will fall into their traps, along with all the trivia that is discussed. But just like with Moneybags, this didn’t do that well in the ratings, and Channel 4 could end up with another good format not fulfilling its potential.

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