Game Show Memories – Cash Trapped.

Cash Trapped (ITV, 2016-2019)

When The Chase took a break one summer for another game show, viewers were OUTRAGED, until they discovered that its replacement was going to be hosted by Bradley Walsh too, and, picking up a thing or two about how these things work over the years, he was also the devisor. The idea behind Cash Trapped was that contestants played until there was an outright winner, even if they had to do it over and over again.

Six contestants took part. In round one, they are asked a question on the buzzer for £100. They are then given a multiple-choice question. Get this right for £1,000, and they can trap one of their opponents, meaning that they are out of the round. It’s a cash trap… and you’ve been caught! Round two is similar, but this time there are six categories to choose from, with the buzzer question worth £200.

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The contestant also chooses an opponent to play the multiple-choice question against, alternating with their answers until one is correct and wins £2,000, the loser of this mini-duel being trapped. By this point, viewers were relived that Bradley still took every opportunity to laugh as much as possible. In round three, contestants are asked questions for 45 seconds, with £500 for a correct answer.

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This is rather similar to the Cashbuilder round in The Chase, just to bring some more money into the game before the final. The highest-scorer is now the one who gets the chance to escape with their money (usually around £5,000), the others will have to try and stop them. Questions are asked for 60 seconds, and several scenarios are possible.

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If the finalist buzzes in, the clock stops. Bradley then clearly stalls for the tension, saying their answer again whilst wiggling his leg (possibly the old football injury playing up again there). If they are right, they can trap an opponent. If they are wrong, ten seconds are removed from the clock. If an opponent buzzes in and are right, the clock continues, but if they are wrong, they trap themselves.

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If the finalist can trap all five opponents in time, they win and take their money. If they don’t, their score is reset to zero, all their opponents keep their money, and everyone has to come back for the next show. This did lead to the situation of contestants buzzing in when Bradley had barely started to ask the question, never mind finish it, in mild desperation.

Some games ended up going on for five days, or even longer, with one contestant winning over £40,000 that had gradually built up. There was also a short post-game interview. Cash Trapped didn’t do too badly, but viewers preferred The Chase with its more straightforward format. Luckily for them then that this’ll possibly be shown on ITV every day until the end of time.


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