Gaming Memories – Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Interactive Game.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Interactive Game (2007)

Recently I was pleased because I have finally got hold of an interactive DVD of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, which is one of my favourite game shows (it took me about 15 years, but I finally got there!). The host, as it always was at this point, was Chris Tarrant, and this is before all of the new money ladder and clock nonsense that featured in his later editions.

The DVD that I have is the 5th edition, which features a few variations on the format at this time. When playing the computer or DVD version, one criticism that constantly came up was that you were playing for virtual money, so any success could be considered to be hollow, as there was actually really nothing at stake, and offering billions of pounds would make no difference.

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The incentive for playing this edition was that if you went all the way and won, you would be able to access one more question, which would give you a chance of being entered into a draw, to win some real money (nowhere near a million though!). As ever, 15 questions of increasing difficulty have to be answered correctly to win the top prize.

Up to four players can take part, and choose whether the questions will be aimed at adults or children. The category of questions can also be chosen, including sport and entertainment. There were also the usual three lifelines available, but if you do well, you are given a fourth which is Switch, where you can change the question, but this can only be used once (it’s a shame that this wasn’t retained for the revival version).

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And at least one question will feature a video or audio clip from the archive. Of course, Chris will try to encourage you all the way, and constantly ask you if it’s your final answer, because remember, you can’t go back. He does want you to do well, so please don’t upset him by not using your lifelines, walking away early, or giving a wrong answer!

The good news is that after finally being able to play this, it did make me feel like I really was in the studio with Chris looking right at me (which wasn’t scary, honest), and it was an enjoyable experience. The box boasts that this game is “award-winning”, and I can see why. The prize draw closed a very long time ago now, I can only presume that somebody somewhere did win it.


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