The YouTube Files – TV Squash.

TV Squash (ITV, 1992)

On we go then with yet another year of classic TV memories on this blog! This is comedy show that I don’t remember watching at the time, but I wanted to review this one for a few reasons. I had read that TV Squash featured a variety of parodies of TV channels and genres. All I had previously been able to find online was a particularly rowdy (and rather ridiculous) parody of sitcom Bottom, but this did make me want to see more.

So I was rather pleased when I spotted a couple of editions are now on YouTube, to help me better determine what this show was all about. And only one name in the cast really stood out to me, but it was Angelo Abela, who had previously been a host of CITV’s Saturday Morning show Ghost Train that I remember enjoying, and I had hoped to see some more of him (he was also one of the writers and producers of this).

Having now seen some more of TV Squash, it did feature some ideas that had already turned up in other comedy shows, including parodies of soaps, sitcoms, game shows, but anything was determined to be a target really. I was rather amused that one of the parodies was of game show Stars In Their Eyes, long before Reeves and Mortimer did their more famous sketch.

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And doing parodies of news shows isn’t particularly original, and while this was hardly in the same league as The Day Today, the point was still made. There was also a parody of The Word, which was a rather popular show at the time (as to why has always been lost on me somewhat though). There were also plenty of guest appearances from TV personalities who were rather eager to send themselves up (or get back on the TV again), including Nicholas Parsons and Eric Sykes.

There was only one series of TV Squash, which was shown rather late at night on a Sunday, so barely anybody watched at the time, but you can’t really imagine a new homemade comedy being shown in this timeslot now. I must admit that I don’t recall seeing any of the cast again, and when compared to the likes of Spitting Image, which was also shown in this slot around this time, it’s fairly forgotten now. It’s definitely one of the more unusual ideas I’ve seen from this time.


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