The Review Of 2021.

It’s rather hard to know where to begin with the review of this year really (don’t say “January”), because it all just seems to come and go so quickly, so this isn’t going to be one of my longer pieces, just a quick look back at what’s been achieved so far, and what is still planned to come.

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I have ended up doing over 300 pieces in 2021, and I hope that people have enjoyed them. It turns out that my most-viewed piece this year is my review of CBBC’s The Nelly Nut Show. I have done a lot of pieces about pop music, including the “Down The Dumper” series, as I wondered why some act’s moment in the spotlight wasn’t as long as they’d hoped for.

I did review some more TV shows too (yes, you might have noticed that I like game shows!), and I continue to be on the lookout for anything on YouTube that might be worth writing about. I have now managed to get the vast majority of what I have wanted to share online, so there isn’t a huge amount left to come, almost seven years after I started this blog, I’m satisfied that it’s almost complete.

I want to finish for now by simply thanking people for their continued support. Whoever you are, and wherever you are, knowing that you are out there really does mean a lot to me, and when people leave comments, or say that they really enjoy what I do, I am so flattered, clearly all my time in front of the TV hasn’t been as much of a waste as I first thought.

Happy New Year to all of you, see you again soon.

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