Gaming Memories – Telly Addicts TV Heaven Edition Interactive DVD.

Telly Addicts TV Heaven Edition Interactive DVD (2007)

Although the market for interactive DVD versions of classic game shows has long passed, it was a rather enjoyable idea, with people returning to host shows for the first time in a decade or even longer to help guide viewers through how to play along at home. I recently got hold of three of the Telly Addicts interactive DVD games, and I have decided to review the TV Heaven Edition.

The host is Noel Edmonds, who by this point was a familiar face on TV again, following the early success of Deal Or No Deal. What is noticeable about this is that the presentation is similar to the original version of the show, before the big relaunch which ended up being the final series, around the same time as the Noel’s House Party fiasco (it’s fair to say that late-1997/early-1998 wasn’t the peak of Noel’s career).

Before playing, it has to be determined if one or two teams will be playing, and if they will be answering the questions aimed at adults or children. So make yourself comfortable on the sofa, get your favourite biscuits, and make sure that you are ready to play. There are five rounds, and the first four are about individual genres of TV, such as soaps, comedy, and cartoons.

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Various pictures and clips from the archive are shown, and then a question with three choices is asked, pick the correct one to score one point. There will also be descriptions of TV shows, and having to guess a theme (although you don’t have to sing along). The more questions that were answered correctly, the more of the picture to which the final question of the round is connected will be revealed.

The final round is Boost Or Bust, where five questions (this time with four options) supposedly of increasing difficultly on anything about TV are asked, and you must get it right to be able to access the next question. If you get one wrong, the round ends right away. If you unsure about an answer though, you can swap the question for another (Noel has always been fond of his swaps), but this can only be used once.

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The winner is then declared (or if it’s a tie, there’s a tiebreaker question). The maximum possible score is 25, will you be able to prove to Noel that you are a true telly addict? If you do get a good score, you will be congratulated, and be able to enter a draw for a big prize (although it expired a long time ago now). With so many TV memories on offer, this was definitely a fun game to play.


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