CBBC Memories – Newsround.

Newsround (CBBC, 1972-present)

This is another show that I didn’t watch a huge amount at the time, but it is rather important in the history of CBBC, as it introduced a lot of younger viewers to news coverage, and this has been running for almost five decades now. When Newsround launched, the main host was John Craven, and he was so closely associated with the show that the title was actually John Craven’s Newsround until his departure after 17 years.

Just like with Blue Peter, there do seem to be some clichĂ©s that are still associated with his time as host. Apparently if a child watched, this was a sign that they were inquisitive and well-behaved, as they sat cross-legged in front of the TV quietly waiting for John to say “hello” so they could listen to what he said, not like those awfully uncouth people that watched CITV, but I can only hope that’s all nonsense.

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A typical edition of Newsround would last around ten minutes, and would cover plenty of things that were making the headlines. Around the time that I did watch, this included a lot of environmental coverage, along with sport, science, technology, and so on. Most editions would end with an “and finally…”- style report, and there seemed to be some debate as to whether this show or News At Ten thought of this first.

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In addition to this, there was also Newsround Extra, a slightly longer edition that was more of a serious documentary. Following Craven’s departure, by the early-90s, there had been several other hosts, and a lot of them managed to make the difficult jump to the main news shows in primetime, including Krishan Guru-Murthy and Julie Etchingham. Also around this time, the studio made it look like this was all coming from somewhere distant in space.

There was also The Press Pack, which viewers were encouraged to join, and this meant that they could have the opportunity to put together a report themselves and appear on the show. This carried on into the mid-90s, but around the same time that CBBC had a relaunch, Newsround had one too, and started to call itself “nr” to seemingly try and be trendy, which was around the point that I stopped watching regularly.

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However, I do know that Newsround (or whatever it was called by this point) did successfully make the transfer to the CBBC Channel at the time of the launch in 2002, and there were some more spin-offs including Newsround Showbiz and Sportsround (you can probably guess what the subject of that was). Daily updates continue to be provided to viewers to this day.


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