Down The Dumper – The 80s Part 16.

This is another singer who I don’t really remember from the time, but recently I have discovered her songs and enjoyed them, although once again this is someone whose chart career lasted barely two years. Princess is an English soul singer, and her real first name is Desiree (not to be confused with the 90s singer Des’Ree of course). She had worked as a backing singer for various groups, and then in the mid-80s she launched a pop career of her own. Was there a chance of this Princess becoming a Superstar?

Princess collaborated with the production team Stock/Aitken/Waterman. Now I must admit that I don’t really have much fondness for SAW’s late-80s work, by which point they were known as “The Hit Factory”. They were behind a large amount of songs around that time, with lots of them making the higher end of the chart, and although most of them sounded the same, it was clearly a winning formula. vlcsnap-00455

But they did work on some good pop singles in the mid-80s though, including Princess’s debut “Say I’m Your Number One”, which was released in August 1985, and became her first and only Top Ten hit (there is also the famous and really great statistic that acts called King, Queen, Prince, and Princess all had a UK Top Ten hit single in 1985). I don’t know if she had to record another version for the radio with the title altered to “Say I’m Your Smash Hits” in the interests of balance though. vlcsnap-00460

Two more singles were released, which were “After The Love Has Gone” and “I’ll Keep On Loving You” (which has to be my favourite single by Princess, very smooth, very soulful). Then in May 1986 the debut album “Princess” was released, and was the only one by her to chart, making the Top 20. But then in July 1986 “Tell Me Tomorrow” became her fourth and final Top 40 hit. vlcsnap-00463

And by June 1987, “Red Hot” turned out to be her final hit, reaching a rather disappointing no. 58, although her debut album had been milked for singles by that point. After her second album flopped, Princess went on to do some more work behind the scenes, but by the late-80s, she had just about left the music business all together, although she did eventually return and release another album in the 2010s decade. Oh, and did I say that she had purple hair? Because that’s rather good too.


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