Down The Dumper – The 80s Part 15.

Here’s another pop group who did rather well, but it turned out that they would only have two years at the top, although it was right in the middle of an era when many people feel that we were spoilt with great pop singles, and they were responsible for some of them. Altered Images were a New Wave group that formed in Glasgow in the late-70s, and their frontwoman was Clare Grogan. There was a lot of hype around them and many hoped that they would fulfil their potential.

Their chart career started off rather quietly, but then in September 1981 “Happy Birthday” was released, this reached no. 2 to become their biggest hit single, and probably soundtracked many a birthday party around this time. And Clare appeared on the cover of Smash Hits. They also appeared on every TV pop show going all across Europe it seems, and they always got everybody having a good time. vlcsnap-00471

Also in September 1981, they released the first of their three hit albums, although none of these made the Top Ten. They would go on to have two further Top Ten hit singles, which were “I Could Be Happy” (in December 1981), and “Don’t Talk To Me About Love” (in March 1983), completing a trio of terrific and very memorable songs, that you can still come across on the radio to this day. vlcsnap-00472

By July 1983 (what a month that was) though, when “Love To Stay” was released, this reached only no. 46. This turned out to be their final hit single, as follow-up “Change Of Heart” didn’t even make the Top 75, and it was also around this time that Altered Images split. This wasn’t the last that we were going to hear of some of the members though. Bassist John McElhone went on to be a member of Hipsway (who had a Top 20 hit single in 1986), and Texas, who since the late-80s have had have lots of chart success. vlcsnap-00473

Clare went on to be an actress, and has appeared in various films and TV shows, including EastEnders and Red Dwarf. Although she didn’t go on to have any further chart success by herself or in other groups, in more recent years, Clare has gone on to perform on the nostalgia circuit (sometimes using the Altered Images names), and everyone still likes to hear her big hits and have a party, just like they did all those years earlier.


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