Great Moments In Pop – The 80s Part 12.

This is someone who definitely did provide some truly great pop music moments in the 80s, but her career has been so well-documented, along with having a loyal fanbase, that it’s rather difficult to think of anything to say that you might not already know. Kate Bush is of course a singer-songwriter who came on to the scene in 1978, and had a chart-topper with her debut single.

She then went on to have many more hits in the 80s, so I thought that I would pick out five of my favourites, and expand a little on why I’m fond of them. First of all, there has to be “Babooshka” from 1980, which has a very memorable video. And I also remember that someone performed this as Kate on Stars In Their Eyes, which was a rather bold move, although this was one of those cases where the original was the best. vlcsnap-00423

Next is “Army Dreamers” from 1980. Now this isn’t one of the more famous ones, but I do remember a long time ago now there was a radio station in London on MW called Liberty. When I used to go through the dial rather late at night, I did listen to this station occasionally, because there was this weird feeling that there were probably only about five other listeners at that time, and because there was no live host, the song at the end of the hour usually cut off halfway through as it was time for the news. vlcsnap-00424

But I remember that they seemed to play “Army Dreamers” rather a lot. I’m not sure why, but it was a song that stopped me from going on to the next station for a few minutes at least, it was always good to hear. Then there’s “Running Up That Hill” from 1985. This was a Top Ten hit, and to this day this almost sounds like it has come down from another planet, and is proof that Kate’s approach to music is unique. A remix also made the Top Ten in 2012. vlcsnap-00426

Then there’s “Cloudbusting” from 1985. This was sampled on Utah Saints’ 90s hit (and 2000s hit as a remix) “Something Good”, proof that Kate still sounds great, even when gone all rave. And finally, there’s “Hounds Of Love” from 1986. This one was introduced to a new audience when a cover by indie band Futureheads was a hit in 2005 (an indie band having a Top Ten hit, can you believe it). NME also chose this as their Single Of The Year. vlcsnap-00427

Also in 1986, the best-of “The Whole Story” was released, and was a chart-topper. I have this one myself, and it has been much played. Kate also won Best British Female at the 1987 Brit Awards, and went on to consistently have hit singles until 1994, when she left the music scene for about a decade, although she is still held in much high regard by many.

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