Great Moments In Pop – The 2000s Part 18.

Here is another of the female pop stars that I got into at the end of the 2000s decade, which as I have said before, is around the time that I lost interest in pop music, so this one arrived just in time, and ended up being one of my favourites from any era. Around the time of the release of her debut single, I realised that Paloma Faith might be someone whose music I could be interested in.

So I decided to take the opportunity to find out more about her by going on various websites, and I found her own MySpace page (it may seem ridiculous now, but this was at the time when this was still the best-known social media website). I saw lots of pictures of her that showed off her unusual dress sense and hairstyles, along with her stage shows which seemed rather fun and creative.vlcsnap-00427

I also discovered that among other things she had been an actress, who had previously appeared in adverts, and was also among the cast of one of the St Trinian’s films. Well we’ve all got to start somewhere, haven’t we. Realising that she is from Hackney, which is not too far away from where I live in London, was definitely something that helped too. vlcsnap-00428

In June 2009 Paloma’s debut single “Stone Cold Sober” was released, and this reached no. 17. There was also a great video, and I decided that it would be a good idea to eagerly follow her pop music career. Her only other hit single in the 2000s decade was “New York”, which also made the Top 20. In October 2009 her debut album “Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful”, was released, and this did make the Top Ten. vlcsnap-00429

I also looked out for when Paloma appeared on TV, along with trying to track down fansites that had more information about her, and as we are now in an era when you can follow practically every move that a famous person makes, I tried to make sure that I kept informed and hoped to fit everything I discovered in my head without it going all squishy. vlcsnap-00431

And the good news is that going into the 2010s decade Paloma did turn into a fairly high-profile pop star, the singles chart was definitely a more interesting place when she was around. Several of her singles and albums went on to make the Top Ten, and in 2015 she won the Brit Award for Best British Female, which was definitely a great moment, and well deserved.

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