Great Moments In Pop – The 90s Part 12.

Here’s a group that did something interesting in the late-90s. All Seeing I were a dance production trio from Sheffield. One of them was called Parrot, but that was his nickname, none of the group members were actual parrots as far as I know. They also collaborated with a lot of musicians who were famous on the Sheffield music scene. In March 1998, they released “Beat Goes On”, a cover of the Sonny And Cher song, which was their first hit single.

There a few things that I remember about this, such as the video being shown on The Chart Show, and also being used on an advert. And I remember when “Beat Goes On” was played on Capital one day. I have never listened to this station that much, but when I was doing some dial twiddling and noticed that this was being played, because I liked this one I thought I would have a listen.

The host was Neil “Doctor” Fox. He pointed out that someone else who was in the studio (presumably one of the production team) liked this one, and they should get up and do a dance to this, which they did, and Foxy replied, “ooh, you look like a poofter!”. He then did the whole “I’m sorry about that, it just came out” routine, but I can imagine that the atmosphere in the studio at that moment was rather awkward. vlcsnap-00399

Next in January 1999 was “Walk Like A Panther”, their first and only Top Ten hit single. This one featured a guest vocal from Tony Christie. Now this is someone who I hadn’t come across before at the time, but he was a veteran crooner who was trying out something a little different. This one has long since been overshadowed by the huge success of the rerelease of “(Is This The Way To) Amarillo” though. vlcsnap-00396

I remember Mark Goodier on BBC Radio 1’s Official Top 40 noting with some bemusement that this was Christie’s first UK hit single since 1976’s “Drive Safely Darlin'”. It was also rumoured that the video was directed by Jarvis Cocker. I don’t know how it can only be a rumour though, you would imagine that someone would’ve spotted him there at the time. Chris Moyles also did a parody of this as “Walk Like Your Pants Are Too Tight”, and this was recently covered by Rick Astley. Very impressive. vlcsnap-00397

In September 1999 was the third and final hit single with “1st Man In Space”, which featured a guest vocal from The Human League’s Phil Oakey, who had been on the pop music scene for two decades even then. This included the lyric “why don’t they make Golden Nuggets no more?“, and not long after this breakfast cereal made a return. I very much doubt it was because of this song though. vlcsnap-00398

In October 1999, their only album “Pickled Eggs And Sherbet” was released, but despite some good reviews, and the success of the singles, this failed to make the Top 40. After this, All Seeing I went on to work on various other musical projects, including I Monster, who had a Top 20 hit in June 2001 with the rather bizarre and terrific “Daydream In Blue”.

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