The One-Hit Wonders – The 2010s Part 3.

This is almost certainly the most recent song that I’ll be featuring in any of these series, as I had reached the point where pop music wasn’t really for me. But what attracted me to this one? Well firstly I don’t really listen much to music stations now, but sometimes when I’m in bed very late I’ll go through the dial, as hopefully there will be something interesting happening somewhere.

This meant that if I did come across any up-to-date songs that caught my attention, I would usually only hear them at around 2am. And also, I’m not really sure what genre this one is in. Is it Country? That is one of my least favourite musical genres, so this can’t be that really. This means that me liking this one doesn’t make any sense really, but I might as well carry on now. vlcsnap-00386

Elle King is an American singer who come on to the scene in January 2016 when her debut single “Ex’s And Oh’s” was released, and this reached no. 15. This did miss the Top Ten, but it didn’t do too badly really. Elle is also the daughter of Rob Schneider, who is a comedian who has appeared in lots of films. I was interested in her next move, but she would have no more singles in the UK, and around the same time her only hit album “Love Stuff” made the Top 20. vlcsnap-00388

But songs from this era remain more accessible than older ones, after a chart run ends, you might not hear the song on the radio too much after that, but the video that was officially put on YouTube at the time remains there, so you can still look at it whenever you want. But of course, once a song does reach this point and you realise it was on the chart years ago now, what will its legacy be? vlcsnap-00389

I was thinking to myself recently that I haven’t heard “Ex’s And Oh’s” on the radio for a while now, and I was also thinking about whether this deserves to be featured in this series, and then can you believe it, a Beetroot who turned out to be Dita Von Teese did a dance to this on ITV’s The Masked Dancer, and there’s a sentence that I’d never thought I’d write. That’s clearly what the lyrics are all about.

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