Great Moments In Pop – The 2010s Part 2.

Here’s someone else who burst on to the pop music scene in the early-2010s. But despite this, there’s a chance that my favourite single of hers was actually released in the 2000s decade, before she was fairly well-known. Katy B (or Kathleen if you’re a relative I suppose) was born on 8 May, just like Elsie was, but I don’t know if her birthday has ever won for her.

In August 2008 “Tell Me” by DJ NG, and featuring Katy B and MC Versatile in another one of those rather crowded singles was released, but this failed to reach the Top 100, which was a disappointment. It does remind me once of when I was doing some channel hopping one evening, and this was being played on BBC Radio 2, which really was a surprise, for a moment I thought that my ears were deceiving me. vlcsnap-00381

It seems that this was being featured on a late-night urban music show, but for a brief moment they seemed to be trendier than BBC 1Xtra. This unexpected exposure didn’t help this become a hit though. Katy did finally have her first hit single though in September 2010 when “Katy On A Mission” reached no. 8. And there was also “Lights On”, which featured Ms Dynamite, who by this point hadn’t been on the scene for a while. vlcsnap-00383

“Broken Record” went on to be Katy’s third Top Ten hit. And then in April 2011, the debut album, also called “Katy On A Mission”, reached no. 2. In April 2014 second album “Little Red” was a chart-topper. It’s rather a surprise to discover that the final hit single that Katy has been involved in was also a chart-topper, which was “Turn The Music Louder (Rumble)” in October 2015. vlcsnap-00384

This one also featured many other contributors including Tinie Tempah, who had plenty of chart-toppers too, his aunt was so proud. In 2016 the third album “Honey” was released, but this missed the Top 20. Katy has now been absent from the singles chart for rather a long time (hopefully she isn’t still in the cloakroom), and just like Jessie J, who I featured in this series recently, I hope that we’ll hear from her again one day soon.

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