Great Moments In Pop – The 2010s Part 1.

Now this for me really is a great moment in pop music, and it’s also significant because it’s just about the last one that I remember, because this is one of the final pop stars that came on the scene that I took an interest in, before I felt that I was too old for all of this really. Jessie J is someone who launched a pop career in the early-2010s, and I became a fan right away.

Why is this? Well I know that image isn’t really the most important thing, but if I had to compile what I thought a great female pop star would look like, then Jessie would be rather close. I mean, that hairstyle and everything… well I better get on with sharing the story of some of her songs, because believe or not some of them are actually rather good too. vlcsnap-00383

The debut “Do It Like A Dude” was released in December 2010, and this reached no. 2. The opening lyric was “stomp stomp I’ve arrived“, which really is a great way to announce that you’ve come on the scene. Jessie’s next single was a chart-topper, which was really great. Because I was fan and wanted to discover more, I did something that I don’t usually do, and bought one of those unauthorised biographies put together in about five minutes. vlcsnap-00382

This featured lots of stories and pictures and cost… oh no, I forgot about the price tag. Also around this time, Jessie won a Brit Award. I started to feel that it was a shame that she wasn’t around when I was younger, it would’ve been great seeing her feature in magazines including Smash Hits and be asked very important questions including “is a Jaffa Cake a biscuit?”. vlcsnap-00384

In March 2011, Jessie released her debut album “Who You Are”, and of course I didn’t hesitate in buying this one. She finished off her most successful year on the chart with “Domino” which was her second chart-topper, and also made the Top Ten in America. After this, Jessie went on to have several more hits, including collaborations with various rappers, and her and second and third albums also made the Top Ten. vlcsnap-00385

I was rather surprised to discover that Jessie hasn’t featured on a big hit single since 2015 though. She did announce a new single recently, and as great as it is to welcome her return to the pop music scene, a lot has changed since her debut, I wonder if today’s current record buying (and streaming) generation will be interested in her work. Let’s hope so.

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