Great Moments In Pop – The 2000s Part 15.

This is a group that I wanted to feature, even though I imagine that very few people will remember them (although I don’t like to do pieces with a “you won’t know what this is” tone because someone else somewhere out there almost certainly will do), but I remembered again recently that they did something rather interesting that gained them some publicity rather out of proportion to their chart success.

One of the reasons I used to like watching long-gone digital channel UK Play was because they would show various music videos, and their playlist was slightly more alternative than MTV’s, meaning that sometimes you’d see videos from groups that would get nowhere near the chart, which isn’t exactly what you’d expect in the afternoon. One day I saw a video from an indie duo called Big Yoga Muffin, consisting of Ange and Pim, who had previously been in Hipsway who had some chart success in the mid-80s. vlcsnap-00344

I remember that this was rather quirky, with things like someone playing the keyboard, and then another hand appeared and played along with them, someone in the corner of the screen doing sign language (presumably of the lyrics), and their deep-voiced singer had red hair that made him look a little like Mick Hucknall (but please don’t hold that against him). vlcsnap-00345

“Is That How You Get Off” was released in March 2000, and reached only no. 135. What they did for their next single attracted some attention though. The video to “Boredom Is A Luxury” featured a guest-appearance from a rather high-profile cast member of US drama series ER. No, not George Clooney, or Noah Wyle, but that other one, I never watched that show much I must admit. vlcsnap-00346

I don’t know how they managed to get hold of him, they must’ve pulled a few strings. I remember that this was reported on the TV news page of Teletext, and the headline was something like “ER star in video of unknown band”, which was rather frustrating because I was familiar with their earlier single (even though it was a flop), and in the actual report, they got the group’s name wrong. Again I remember seeing the video on TV, and they also performed this on Channel 4’s TFI Friday. vlcsnap-00347

“Boredom Is A Luxury” was released in June 2000, and this reached no. 129, slightly better than their previous single, but still nowhere near being a hit (the video was uploaded to YouTube over a decade ago and still doesn’t even have 5,000 views). I can only imagine that Melody Maker loved it though. Their album “Wherever You Go, There You Are” also flopped, and Big Yoga Muffin didn’t do much after this. I was just amused that I still remember all this two decades on.

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