The One-Hit Wonders – The 2000s Part 10.

It’s time to leave UK Garage behind for now, and go on to the mid-2000s to share the story of one of my favourite singles from this era. This one is not only a one-hit wonder, but it is not that far off being a one-week wonder on the chart too, which was disappointing, as this failed to make the Top 40. Bugz In The Attic were a British group seemingly consisting of nine members, I’m not sure what they all did.

As this song by is another rather “faceless” production group there isn’t much to say about, instead I’ll set the scene of where the singles chart was in January 2005 when this was released. It was actually a bizarre period. This was just before downloads were added, so only physical sales still counted, which were falling by this point, resulting in some of the smallest-selling chart-toppers of any era. vlcsnap-00339

And this was also when Elvis Presley, who wasn’t exactly a promising newcomer by this point, had a chart-topper with a the rerelease of a very old song thanks to his dedicated fanbase, before being knocked off Number One, by, er, another song by Elvis. It was all rather odd, and not really reflective of current trends, it’s why things ended up changing. vlcsnap-00342

Bugz In The Attic’s “Booty La La” really is a great dance song with a stylish female vocal that deserves more appraisal, and the video is very enjoyable and rather unusual too. It would seem that their fanbase consists of rather a lot of flies, so there was literally a buzz around them, ha-ha. There isn’t that much else to say about this really, although this did reach no. 44, spent only two weeks on the chart, and that was it. vlcsnap-00340

It’s a shame that this wasn’t bigger, maybe they should’ve done a duet with Elvis as it seems that’s all people wanted at the time. Bugz In The Attic went on to do what most other briefly popular production groups have done that I’ve featured in this series, going on to release the album “Back In The Doghouse” in 2006 that wasn’t a hit, and also being in-demand remixers who have worked on several other songs.


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