The One-Hit Wonders – The 2000s Part 6.

Let’s go back again to the year 2000 (I’ve been to the year 2000, unlike Busted, who’ve also been to the year 3000, show-offs), when UK Garage was all over most of the singles chart, and I was rather fond of a lot of songs in that genre. There isn’t really a huge amount to say about this one, but as I really liked it (did I really like it, did I really like it, I’m loving it loving it loving it!), and I can’t be the only one, this is worth featuring.

Firstly I always group this one together with N ‘n’ G’s version of “Right Before My Eyes” (that I also reviewed recently), as that one was on the chart around the same time, this one being released (on the Ministry Of Sound label, which was rather fancy) two months later, and because they’re both UK Garage classics that are among my favourite hit singles of 2000. vlcsnap-00319

B15 Project were a production team from Birmingham. The Official Charts books states that one of them was called Ali Campbell, but I presume that he wasn’t the one who was in UB40, or maybe he was, I have no idea. They took their name from the postcode that their studio was in. They were accompanied by Chrissy D and Lady G, a Jamaican duo who performed the vocals (in a “ragamuffin” style, supposedly). vlcsnap-00320

Well despite the fact that this one was called “Girls Like Us” although they actually say “girls like this” in the song, and all these years on I still haven’t been able to decipher half the lyrics, I’m very fond of this one. I was always pleased when the video turned up on MTV, or this came on the radio, and they also had their moment on Top Of The Pops which was great. vlcsnap-00325

“Girls Like Us” was released in June 2000 and reached no. 7, five places higher than the peak of “Right Before My Eyes”. And unsurprisingly, nothing from B15 Project was heard of on the chart again, although they did go on to release several more singles. I think I’ve still got this one on a mouldy old dance compilation cassette in a cupboard somewhere. What better legacy for a song could there be.

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