Great Moments In Pop – The 2000s Part 14.

This isn’t a British group, but I wanted to feature them in this series because they made some great songs around this time, and watch out because there is a big twist at the end. Alphabeat are a Danish group, they aren’t the first one from that country to have had success in the UK, there’s also Aqua who had a few chart-toppers, but I know who I prefer.

In March 2008 their first single “Fascination” was released, and this reached no. 6. I really did like this one, but this turned out to be their first and only Top Ten hit single in the UK. They did go on to have some more hits, and in June 2008 their first album “This Is Alphabeat” made the Top Ten as well, but again, this would be the only time that this would happen for them. vlcsnap-00307

I also liked their single “The Spell” in 2009, and I was rather disappointed that this wasn’t a big hit. I like it as much as or maybe even more than “Fascination”, and it would’ve been great if this one made the Top Ten too. They went on to have one more hit single in 2010, but little has been heard from them since, as they have worked on various other musical projects. And now here comes the big twist in the story. vlcsnap-00308

You might remember when I did pieces where I kept going on about pop stars and how they kept turning up near where I live and how shocked I was about all that, I still can’t believe it all this time on. Well my mum told me once that she was in the supermarket one day, and she was sure that she saw some members of Alphabeat. Now there were lots of reasons why I thought that this couldn’t be right. vlcsnap-00311

Firstly, my mum isn’t exactly someone who is up on the latest people on the pop music scene, so I’m not sure how she could’ve known them in the first place. And then there’s also the fact that they’re pop stars with a Top Ten hit single and album, why would they be hanging around the supermarket near here, especially as they’re Danish? Do they still live in Denmark? It’s something of a mystery. If it really was them, I wish that I had taken the opportunity to tell them how much I liked “Fascination” next to the apples.

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