Down The Dumper – The 2010s Part 1 (of 1).

This is the only one that qualifies for the “Down The Dumper” series in this decade that I want to feature because as you should know by now, this is around the time that I lost interest in pop music, meaning that this is just about one of the final pop stars that I really took an interest in. Eliza Doolittle (not the one from My Fair Lady), is an English singer who comes from a rather showbiz family.

Eliza’s grandmother is Sylvia Young. who ran a theatre school that was attended by several future successful actresses, and her mother is Frances Ruffelle, who represented the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994 (but didn’t win) and had a hit single herself, along with being a theatre actress. Maybe the next generation of the family could do rather well too then. Eliza’s first single “Skinny Genes” was released in April 2010.

But it was in July 2010 when Eliza had her biggest hit single with “Pack Up”, which reached no. 5. And in the same month her self-titled debut album was released, which made the Top Ten, and I did buy this one. I also really liked the next single “Rollerblades”, although this didn’t get near the Top 40, reaching only no. 58, which was a disappointment. It all went a little quiet for a few years after that.

Eliza returned in 2013, and had her second and final Top Ten hit as the guest vocalist on Disclosure’s “You And Me”. Having already enjoyed their previous hit “White Noise”, it was good of them to feature Eliza. In August 2013 it was time for Eliza to launch her second album, and this started off well with “Big When I Was Little”, which featured a reference to Malcolm In The Middle, and reached no. 12. It looked like more success would come her way.

However, in October 2013, “Let It Rain” reached only no. 55, and this turned out to be her final hit. In the same month her second album “In Your Hands” was released, this only reached no. 25, and spent 43 weeks fewer on the Top 75 chart than her debut. Her most high-profile appearance after this was in an episode of Home And Away in 2014. Eliza has gone on to release many more singles, and her third album “A Real Romance” was released in December 2018, but her hit-making days have gone.

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