Great Moments In Pop – The 2000s Part 7.

When another British girl group with a fancy misspelt name came on to the crowded pop music scene in the early-2000s, I didn’t take too much notice at first. Mis-Teeq were formed in the late-90s, and were a trio consisting of Alesha, Su-Elise, and Sabrina (fourth member Zena left around the time of the first single, although she did go on to have a minor solo hit in 2003). In January 2001 “Why” was released, and this went on to be the first of their seven consecutive Top Ten hits.

I did enjoy this as it was another piece of entertaining UK Garage, and I soon realised that this was a group whose fortunes would be worth following. They kept up the standard with more great singles including “All I Want” and “One Night Stand”. In November 2001 their first album “Lickin’ On Both Sides” was released, and soon they were being described by many as “the British Destiny’s Child”, which was rather good.


Their hits continued into 2002, including “B With Me”, and a cover of Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It”. After the second album “Eye Candy” was released in April 2003, they had another big hit with “Scandalous”. But in November 2003, “Style” (that sampled “West End Girls” by Pet Shop Boys) surprisingly became their first single not to make the Top Ten, and it was also their final hit all together.


Their final chart activity was in May 2005 when a rather half-hearted and little-noticed “Greatest Hits” album was released (even though they only made two albums). Now here’s the next part of the story. In August 2006, after Mis-Teeq had gone their separate ways, Alesha launched a solo career and released “Lipstick”, which didn’t do too badly. However, the next single “Knockdown” didn’t make the Top 40 which was rather disappointing, she was dropped by her label and her album “Fired Up” wasn’t released.


Deciding her next move and aiming to revive her career, in 2007 Alesha went on Strictly Come Dancing, and became the overall series champion. Maybe her single flopping was the best thing that could’ve happened to her. In November 2008 her pop career was given another chance, the good news was that she had two more Top Ten hits, her album “The Alesha Show” did well too, and she became a judge on Britain’s Got Talent. I was pleased that was Alesha was still having hits a decade on from “Why”, but very little has been heard from her groupmates since the split by comparison.

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