Great Moments In Pop – The 2000s Part 1.

Let’s go on into the 2000s decade, for some more of my favourite pop music memories. I was unsure about including non-British acts in this series, because there’s less chance that they will have done the promotional rounds of appearing on TV shows that I’ve watched, or being interviewed in magazines that I’ve read, and so on. But as I really liked this song from almost two decades ago now, I’ve just got to include it.

Princess Superstar was born Concetta Kirschner in New York in 1971. She was a rapper who came on to the scene in the mid-90s, and her first album was released in America in 1996. She first came to our attention in this country in March 2002 when “Bad Babysitter” was released, from her fourth album “Princess Superstar Is”. Ooh, but it was rather naughty though. vlcsnap-00174

Among the highlights in the amusing lyrics for me were the chorus “I’m a bad babysitter, got my boyfriend in the shower/I’m making six bucks an hour“, and of course, “you look like Jar Jar Binks!“. “Bad Babysitter” reached no. 11. I was a little disappointed that this narrowly missed the Top Ten. This did earn her all kinds of accolades though, including “the female Eminem”, and she is yet another pop star who can claim to be rather similar to Lady Gaga long before Lady Gaga herself came along. vlcsnap-00176I remember that she did do some promotion in the UK though, including a charismatic interview in NME, she appeared as a guest on BBC Choice’s Liquid News, and “Bad Babysitter” was also featured on a “Now Dance” compilation. This was all enjoyably quirky, but I don’t remember there being any news of any follow-up singles. But then, almost five years later, in January 2007, “Perfect (Exceeder)” was released. vlcsnap-00177This was two songs put together, the instrumental “Exceeder” by Mason, and the lyrics of Princess Superstar’s 2005 single “Perfect”. This reached no. 3, so long after I expected that it would ever happen, she did finally make the Top Ten, fantastic! It’s just a shame that she actually wasn’t in the video. Princess Superstar has released nine albums (I don’t think she’s ever had a hit in America though), and she is now 50 years old (oh yes, I went there). Nowadays you’re more likely to see her mucking about on social media sites, but then, aren’t they all.

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