Down The Dumper – The 90s Part 11.

Here’s yet another group who only had a brief moment of pop music fame. The Wiseguys were an English dance duo that consisted of Touché and Regal. They released some singles and an album in the mid-90s, but the first time they made the Top 75 was in 1998 when “Ooh La La” reached no. 55. The follow-up single also in 1998 was “Start The Commotion” which reached no. 66, but I imagine they’d hoped for more. Both of these featured on their second album “The Antidote”.

About a year later “Ooh La La” was featured in an advert for Budweiser that was rather popular at the time and featured some talking frogs. This led to a rerelease in June 1999, and this time this one went on to do much better and was not far off being a chart-topper, reaching no. 2. So it seemed that it would be a sensible idea to give “Start The Commotion” another go, as it was felt this one definitely had the potential to become a big hit too. vlcsnap-00126

I remember that the video had a rather interesting idea. For every instrument that was played in the song, the same clip was always played. So whether it was the flute or the guitar, the clip would be played over and over again. I thought that this was very creative myself, I’ve not seen another video like it. I’m not sure how much of the music was sampled either, but somehow it all worked. In September 1999 “Start The Commotion” was rereleased and this time reached no. 47. An improvement, but still a disappointment to some extent, so shortly after they had made their breakthrough. vlcsnap-00127

Then about a year or two later, this one had another wave of interest when it was featured in a car advert in America, and it was also on the soundtrack of several films including Zoolander. It was odd seeing the video suddenly coming back to TV again, but this time it contained some clips from that film, meaning that the original repetition idea was now all broken up and didn’t work. vlcsnap-00128

However, it did mean that “Start The Commotion” made the Top 40 in America, even if it never did in the UK. I did think for a while that this would be released for a third or even fourth time in an attempt to became the big hit that this deserved to be for me. “The Antidote” album never made the Top 100 though. Not long after this, The Wiseguys came to an end, although they have continued to work on other projects with various dance music acts. G-roovy!

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