The One-Hit Wonders – The 2000s Part 3.

This is someone who it turns out has had a rather varied career, taking in more than pop music, and her constant name and image changes make it all rather complicated, but I think I’ve got the basics right. Natalia Cuppuccini was born in 1986. She started out as an actress, and appeared in various high-profile TV shows, but her most regular role was in the rubbish BBC1 sitcom All About Me, starring Jasper Carrott. As this point she was credited as Natalia Keery-Fisher.

After this, she became a rapper, and released a single under the name Verbalicious. “Don’t Play Nice” was released on the All Around The World label in March 2005 and narrowly missed the Top Ten, reaching no. 11. This was a good one, and her TV appearances to promote this included CD:UK. A while ago I found an old music compilation from the mid-2000s called “Pop Princesses 2”, featuring one CD of songs by female singers who were big at the time, and also a DVD featuring lots of videos. vlcsnap-00121

I have to admit that out of all of them “Don’t Play Nice” was just about the first one that I selected to watch, and it gave me something of a flashback. Not long after this, she changed her name once again to Natalia Kills. It seems that she actually did have a hit under this name, but although technically this means she wasn’t a one-hit wonder, because it was in the 2010s decade, it was under a different name, I don’t remember it, and I’m tired now, I thought I’d still feature this. vlcsnap-00123

After this, in 2015 she suddenly hit the headlines again when she was involved in a scandal, and by this point she was known as Natalia Sinclair, I do hope you’re keeping up with all of this. For some reason her and her husband were on the panel of the New Zealand version of The X Factor, and they were both sacked after just one show for heavily criticising a hopeful contestant. That’s a rather unusual career swerve. vlcsnap-00125

So although Natalia or whatever she’s called this week has been in the music business for a long time now, her most successful time as far as the singles chart goes was when she was starting out, and it seems that having tried out several musical styles and personas, along with writing songs too, she has left this behind somewhat now, which is a disappointment as it would’ve been good to have heard more from her in her Verablicious persona.


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