The One-Hit Wonders – The 2000s Part 2.

In this series, I have been defining a one-hit wonder as an act that only had one single make the Top 75 or Top 100, regardless of what position it was. But The Official Charts Company defines a one-hit wonder in its strictest sense as an act that had a chart-topping single and nothing else ever. There haven’t been too many occurrences over the years, especially when you consider most are intentionally one-off charity collaborations, but this one is an example of this.

3 Of A Kind (nothing to do with Lenny Henry or Tracey Ullman) were a trio consisting of Liana, Nicholas, and Marc. They were part of the UK Garage scene that was still just about going, and their debut single was given a lot of support by Rinse FM. I suppose you could say they rinsed it, ha-ha. I remember seeing the video to this at the time, and rather enjoying the song, but I didn’t expect that it would become so successful. Maybe they didn’t either. vlcsnap-00071

“Babycakes”, which took its name from a 1989 film, was released in August 2004, and went on to top the chart for one week. Of course this was an impressive achievement, but this was during the time when this could be considered to be a little hollow. This is because this was the rather weird transitional phase where singles sales were low and downloads had not yet been added to the chart, Top Of The Pops was faltering, and social media, YouTube, and the like hadn’t yet been developed. vlcsnap-00119

And I know that “I just wanted you to know, oh, oh/That I think our love’ll grow yeah, yeah” isn’t exactly the most profound lyric ever, but as far as commercial Garage went it was fine. When I was trying to find out more about what happened to 3 Of A Kind, I saw a piece online that said because of their look and sound, they could be considered to be something of a forerunner to N-Dubz, which is a horrible thing to say about anyone really. I know which group I prefer.vlcsnap-00120

It seems that for a short while there was a follow-up single planned, but this was never released, and there was no album either, presumably they went their separate ways shortly after this. So their pop career was almost over just after it started, maybe sometimes it is better to leave people wanting more, but it’ll be something to tell the grandchildren I suppose. I wonder what supermarket they’re working in now.

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